Pipeline systems and technologies

Extended anode groundings EAG-PST

An extended anode grounding EAG-PST is a current-conducting cable surrounded by a functional wire electrode coated with mixed metal oxides (Type 1), which is packed into low-mesh coke and designed to be used as a grounding element in cathodic corrosion protection units to protect buried metal structures.

EAG-PST may be applied in any soil, including high-ohmic. EAG-PST may be laid into the same trench with the protected structure, which simplify the installation process.

EAG-PST is used to protect:

  • underground parts of tanks;
  • pipelines;
  • industrial sites.

Main characteristics of extended anode groundings EAG-PST:

Parameter Value
Current carrying capacity, mA/running meter 50 ; 150; 300
Outer diameter, mm, no more. 38
Section of a current-conducting cable, mm2 16
Minimum bend radius 500
Grounding length, m against order
Weight, kg/m 1,5
Service life, years, not less. 30