Pipeline systems and technologies

Additional equipment 

Test Station Test Station

Test Station

Designed to control operation of the insulating monolithic joint and efficiency evaluation of pipeline electrochemical protection. It is supplied with a resistance control unit and reference electrodes.

Spark gap Spark gap

Spark gap

Serves as a safety device, which eliminates any breakdown of an insulator of insulating monolithic joint in case of surge overvoltage inside a pipeline. Explosion-proof.

Technical characteristic Value
Lightning impulse current  (10/350 µs)

100 кА


50  Aс

Specific energy  2500 kJ / Ohm
Nominal pulse breakdown voltage (1,2/50 µs)

1400 V

Nominal power-frequency withstand voltage

285 V

DC withstand voltage  

350 V

Separation resistance at 175V DC

> 100 Mohm

Ambient temperature range  

-60…+80 °C

Protection rating