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Compact cathodic protection station (CCPS)

Compact cathodic protection Compact cathodic protection

Application field

CCPS is designed for cathodic corrosion protection of buried steel structures and serves as a small-sized, low-power cathodic protection rectifier.

CCPS may be equipped with various communication channels and integrated into various line telecontrol systems.

CCPS installed on the terminal block CCPS installed on the terminal block

Functional capabilities

  • Measurement and transmission of additional parameters:
    • running time meter
  • Integrated GSM modem and RS-485 interface
  • Data archive for up to 80,000 snapshots
  • Scope of supply includes surge protection devices (protection against lightning and electrostatic discharges, etc.) for input and output circuits
  • Double overload and short-circuit protection for a non-specified period of time (hardware and software)
  • Protection against unauthorized control of operation modes, tuning and adjustment
  • Automatic information transfer in case of abnormal situations and falling of any parameters beyond the setting limits;
  • Remote monitoring and operation modes control by means of special software.

Stabilization modes:

  • output current;
  • output voltage;
  • ON potential;
  • OFF potential.
CCPS powered by solar panel and wind generators CCPS powered by solar panel and wind generators

Possible power supplies:

  • Solar panels
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Wind generators 
  • Thermoelectric generators
  • Fuel cells
  • ~ 220 V

CCPS specifications

Parameter Value

Output parameters:




U / I setting increment 


48 V

50 / 300 W

5 / 10 А

0,01 V / 0,01 А

Minimum output current  10 mА
Input voltage 20…60 V
Efficiency, min.  85 %
Operating temperature range -45…+45 °С
Cabinet protection rating IP65
Weight 2,4 kg
Dimensions 255х146х83 mm