Pipeline systems and technologies

Test stations

Test stations are intended to control and regulate the electrochemical protection parameters and to identify the pipelines routes.

Basic technical specifications

  • Quantity of measuring and power terminals: up to 44
  • Section of connected wires:
    • measuring wires: 1,5…6,0 sq mm
    • power wires: 6,0…35 sq mm
  • Cabinet IP rating according to GOST 14254-96 – IP34 
  • Temperature range: from – 60°C to + 60°C

Construction advantages:

  1. Increased resistance to impact of the environment climatic factors
  2. Modern and aesthetic appearance
  3. Free access to the contact clamps of a terminal block
  4. Easy installation of cables and additional equipment: reference electrodes, corrosion rate indicators, etc.)
  5. Installation of the equipment inside the post (resistance control unit, controllers, etc.)
  6. Additional maintenance to preserve the appearance is not required
  7. Low weight (for test stations with PVC posts)

Test stations are manufactured in accordance with the two technical specifications:

TS 3435-002-93719333-2009 on a circular 108 mm cross-section post made of metal or 110 mm made of PVC;

TS 3435-008-93719333-2012 on a square 200 mm cross-section post made of PVC.